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Midnight Express is my new Trance, EDM Music Composition that will be on Itunes, Amazon, MySpace, Spotify, Rdio, IHeart, Nokia, Sony Unlimited and other great music stores online on 13th of May 2014 ! Support my music compositions buying the songs, listen to the music, making reposts, making nice comments, doing playlists, DJ´s Mixing and so on.
23.06.2014 From Gabriel
These is my first registered music called EQUINOX I - ( Original Mix ) and I made the composition using my Roland Keyboards with ReFX sounds recorded on Ableton Live Professional released on iTunes, Amazon and all the Great Digital Stores (and that why I upload here at for sale). To all my fans and fans of EDM, Trance, Progressive and Electronic Musics.
06.03.2014 From Gabriel