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The future of sports cars   Sports cars have raised the bar and set new standards when it comes to the automobile technology trends. Dual-clutch transmissions and forced induction engines were introduced with the purpose of bringing sports cars excitement and danger. There was a time when sports cars were considered to be like drugs and it seems like one day they will be outlawed. That’s because sports cars are fast, and therefore, dangerous. Today, sports cars have a much more responsible attitude towards the automotive world, where sports cars are now better for the environment, more practical than ever before and safer to drive. What is the future of sports’ with so many self-driving cars available? The march towards more technology will move away from humans controlling cars, to self-driving cars instead. Most of people buy sports cars for social status, but there will remain those who value the traditional ones. In the future, sports cars might become a small niche in a world filled with self-driven cars. According to analysts, in the future will be achieved a balance between safer vehicles and the sensation of high speed and performance. The top-end manufacturers have to adapt to the most advanced technologies and come up with new things, in order to keep attracting buyers. Supposedly, self-driving vehicles will be safer, leading to a decrease number of accidents, caused by regular driving issues. The first self-driven cars are reported to powerful hit the market in 2017, raising the question of who would then be responsible for car accidents? Here are three sports cars of the future (near future, to be exact, since the manufacturers always need to adapt): Cadillac ELR is a plug-in sports car that shows that in order to be more environmentally responsible doesn’t mean they have to have a compromised appearance. It is not considered a luxury sports car, but an affordable and good looking one. Porche 918 Spyder it is a fuel-friendly supercar, with an expecta
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Tips to get rid of your addiction to smartphones Cell phones, and especially smartphones, have become a very important part of our lives, almost essential to our existence. Most of us are now addicted to the use of cell phones. I’m sure that it happened to you to go to work and see more than 50% people on the subway doing something on their cell phones, from reading news, playing games or talking on the phone. I’m also 70% sure that you are one of them. I know I am. The significant use of cell phones is not really a good thing, because according to researchers, most of the times, the excess use of cell phones affects our sleep, causes addiction, and ruins relationships. You read well. Although we are more connected to friends and family, since the use of cell phones makes it very easy for us, physical communication has been replaced with the virtual communication. Statistics show that an average person checks their phone about 31 times per day, teenager’s even 102 times per day! That’s way too much! This article is not aimed to deny their utility, but we shouldn’t let our lives be ruled by these devices. Here are some tips to get rid of your addiction to smartphones: Don’t let it interrupt you You don’t have to check your phone every time you’ve received a notification from Facebook, Whatsapp or any other social networks or even apps. Most of the people, when they are really busy working or doing some personal tasks, often interrupt their activities to check what they received, either a message, a status, answering the phone or to check their email. Wait until you finish and then you can see what you’ve missed. Also, resist the urge to check your cell phone first thing in the morning. Carry on with your real life and stop obsessing about recent tweets and posts! Put it on silent Don’t let yourself distracted by your cell phone. Tell your friends and family not to call you during your working time unless it’s urgent! Respect your meals & don’t let your phone dis
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These is the new episode VII film that continues the star wars saga. the fight bettwen the empire of the dark forces and the rebes and the light forces of the Jedi Knights will continue because the dark forces are awaken again. Its a very nice history with a lot of action and more digital creatures, including Jaba, that is really different for the first big puppet on the first tree trilogy series films and of course we have a child that will be a big Jedi and have to be trained to dont fall to the dark side as always. So Im presenting you some posters for these very coll and Cult film series with J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, it will be a lot of un but for now its a lot of work because these star wars film will be launch only in December 2015, Yes Its only on December 2015 but the awareness is very big, so lets take a look on what we will see here. These is the first poster with an old style to remeber the first trylogy.   Here is the poster for the film Star wars Episode VII that you will see on the cinema on a new style and a new actress character. And here I hope (remembering Star Wars a New Hope) that is not so new too, is the Tralier of these New Film on an Internacional Teaser for you Bitlanders. Enjoy, Subscribe to PixFlake web TV here, make some Buzz and that the Force be with You ! ;)
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Take a Look at the official trailer of Furious 7 (Fast and Furious 7). Its a more technological Speed Race cars with weapons and its a very nice see to film with more renowmed actors from Hollywood ! The mix with beautifull womans, best top race cars in the world and lots of action is a real explosive combination of fun and entertainment that continuous these film series. A must watch movies to see on the cinema on a shooping near you ! Subscribe to my Blog here and Share with your friends ;)
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